Pilot William Hamilton Noyes III

Pilot Ambassador TRAINING

Captain William H. Noyes, Founder/Trainer/Consultant

"Captain Noyes is an outstanding ambassador for both Hawaiian Airlines and Hawaii and richly deserves being honored as Employee of the Year. He is the consummate professional and has an infectious spirit of enthusiasm that conveys his affection for his coworkers and the islands of Hawaii...."
Mark Dunkerley – Hawaiian Airlines President and Chief Operating Officer – April 6, 2004

Front runners in airline management understand the value of their pilot's public relations efforts.

"In the world of commercial aviation, the employee with the most potential for positive impact with the customer is the pilot." Captain William H. Noyes


Using the tools and techniques that I have learned and developed over 37 years in the airlines, The Pilot Ambassador Training will train and inspire pilots to achieve and experience the same results that made my flying career so fulfilling. These results were achieved daily in the work environment with only minutes of passenger interaction- never did these efforts impinge upon my normal flight duty responsibilities.

The results that I achieved and other pilots can be trained to achieve are:

  • Increased passenger emotional comfort, ease and assurance
  • Less passenger stress and therefore less chance of passenger disruptions
  • Greater passenger enjoyment and loyalty
  • Enhanced working relationships with the cabin staff resulting in more ease, harmony and improved service
  • Increased and lasting job satisfaction for pilots

Now, more than ever before, in the post 9-11 flying environment, passengers need a human comforting touch. Customers will always appreciate, remember and be comforted by a kind word, gesture, or deed performed by their pilot. There is so much more we can do as pilots for our company, our profession, our passengers, and ourselves. Let the PILOT AMBASSADOR TRAINING show you how.