Pilot William Hamilton Noyes III




The Pilot Ambassador Training contains essential information and exercises that pertain directly to effective Crew Resource Management. The pilots who use the tools and techniques provided in the training will be far more effective team members. The results achieved through increased harmony in the work environment will greatly enhance safety.

"The big three letter word in the aviation business today is CRM. William was using CRM effectively before we even knew what it was. (I) have given Captain Noyes Proficiency Checks in the DC-10 simulator, as well as Line Checks in the aircraft. As always, his professionalism and skill made the job seem simple. On April 21, 2003, as an FAA Designee, I gave William a Check in the Boeing 767 simulator and issued him his Type Rating in the B-757 and B-767. Once again he did an outstanding job. "

In my opinion, William will be an asset to any organization, and I urge you to consider him for employment. You will not be disappointed.

Captain James McDonald
FAA Designated Examiner
Check Pilot, Hawaiian Airlines