Pilot William Hamilton Noyes III

G-IV, G-V Contract Pilot For Hire

Captain William H. Noyes, III

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"Employee of the Year 2003" Hawaiian Airlines

Pilot Ambassador Training
Founder & Trainer

25,000 hours Total Time
18,000 Pilot in Command
Extensive Worldwide Charter Experience with over 3,000 oceanic crossings

1500+ G-IV, G-V, G-450 and G-550 Hours

Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Multiengine Land

Type Ratings:
G-IV, G-V, B-747-400, B-757, B-767, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011, CV 600, CV 640

Commercial Privileges:
Airplane Single Engine Land & Sea, Glider

Flight Instructor:
Airplane Single and Multiengine, Instrument Airplane, Glider

Phone: (808) 347-8074

Skype Number: William68-238 Call me!

William Hamilton Noyes III

"I Was Born To Fly"
3:31 second audio